Job Opportunities

Below is a list of current job openings at Heartland RV. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

Administration/Office/Supervision/SalesHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Administration/Office/Supervision/SalesDRVHowe, Indiana
All Open PositionsBreckenridgeNappanee, Indiana
All Open PositionsCruiser RVHowe/LaGrange, Indiana
All Open PositionsDRVHowe, Indiana
All Open PositionsBisonMilford, Indiana
All Open PositionsHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Appliance SetHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Benefit ManagerHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Bill of MaterialsHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
CabinetBreckenridgeNappanee, Indiana
Cabinet ShopBisonMilford, Indiana
Cabinet ShopHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Cabinet Shop - Elkhart Heartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Chassis PrepHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Count CheckerBreckenridgeNappanee, Indiana
Customer Service RepresentativeHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Customer Service RepresentativeHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Doors & DrawersHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
ElectricalHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Electrical - ElkhartHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Electrical - Elkhart LocationHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Entry Level - No Previous RV ExperienceHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
FabricationHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Final FinishHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Final Finish - CleanerHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Final RepairHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Finance ManagerHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
FloorsHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Floors/Chassis PrepHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Forklift Operator / Hand Receiver ElkhartHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Graphics / StriperHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Hand ReceiverBisonMilford, Indiana
LaminationHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
MetalBreckenridgeNappanee, Indiana
MetalHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
MetalHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
MetalBisonMilford, Indiana
MillroomHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Paint & Body RepairHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Paint & Body RepairHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
PDI Cruiser RVHowe, Indiana
PDI Group LeaderBisonMilford, Indiana
PlumbingHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
PlumbingHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Product EngineerHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Product EngineerDRVHowe, Indiana
Purchasing TraineeHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Purchasing TraineeHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Quality Control InspectorCruiser RVHowe/LaGrange, Indiana
Quality Control InspectorBisonMilford, Indiana
RouterHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
RV Repair TechnicianHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
SecurityBisonMilford, Indiana
Security-Nappanee IndianaBreckenridgeNappanee, Indiana
ShellingHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
ShellingHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Slide OutsHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
Slide OutsHeartland RVNampa, Idaho
Wall StufferHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
WelderHeartland RVElkhart, Indiana
WeldingBisonMilford, Indiana
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